Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Will

No I am not writing about being stubborn or sharing a dissertation on "the Will of Lil"
The past few weeks we have been putting together a few Probate docs to ensure the well being of our brew in case Jerome and I would die (YIKES I hate even writing that)
NO. . . .there is nothing wrong. Have no fear Lily hopes to live on this side of Heaven till 125 (why 125---i like that number)
Yet, having taken law classes and reading about what happens to peeps who die intestate (without a will) is enough to stir in me a drive to get our house in order. Sadly, many people die without a will and it makes life MUCH MORE difficult for the loved ones they leave behind.
With as much travel as the honey and I are doing with the business -- we felt it was imperative to get the will drawn up and BOY did we spend time thinking/praying about who would be best to raise our BREW in case we both died. Let me say that it was NOT an easy task!!
Now I am at peace knowing the state won't take the girls and make the decision they feel would be in the best interest of the kids.
That whole Will thing behind us and a LONG JOYFUL life ahead of us----I say that as much as that needed to be done --- it is one of the most difficult documents that we have ever had drawn up!

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