Monday, October 24, 2011

Bring it on!!!

The Challenge is on peeps!!! Many of you know how I feel about being proactive about my health! WELL. . . . .my new friend Erin Wilson and I are up and running helping our customers/biz partners/friends/family get on a 90 Day Bfit Challenge =) We have created Facebook pages to help motivate our peeps as well as a DAILY accountability call where YOU can call in ask questions about the challenge, share fat burning stories, and in my case GET OUT OF BED early and get the day going! Tell your friends who are looking to burn some fat to call in on any day of the week (Monday-Friday) at 8am to get a gist of what we are up to ;) the number to call is 805-360-1000 code #521428 For details log onto

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