Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The snow came in Sunday night causing school to be cancelled and roads to be closed off. Thankfully, knowing this storm was on its way we stocked up Saturday on food as well as flashlights and batteries.
Monday morning when the snow was piled up in front of the house the girls and I looked at each other and thought SNOW FIGHT (surely you would think the odds are on our side) YET, we are very much GIRLS---girlie girls!!! So I lasted about 20mins standing there watching my girls play. Even with warmers in my shoes MY TOES WERE COLD!!!

My 2 year old was done after she hit the ground and realized the white stuff was not marshmellow fluff! Then there are the ones who refuse to give in to the coldness forcing themselves to play in this weather.
Bella was my way out!!!. . . . . .I turn and say the baby is cold I am heading in. The 3 year old surprises me by crying out I want to stay "I like cold" so she stays with the BIG girls (for about 10mins)
THEN these wet, cold, frostbitten little critters knock on my door with that look on their face "We are Done"
Time to undress the COLD ONES and get them in a WARM bath. Getting them naked right at the door was not one of my brightest ideas---lets say there must have been a draft and they were not liking the undressing thing at all. Watching these little ones run up the stairs to their bathroom was. . . . in one word.. . . .HILARIOUS (something about a toddlers butt is just so cute) AND NO I did not undress the older ones the saw me undressing the little ones and took cover running up the stairs dripping ALL over the rug---ARGGGGGG
To their defense they did help bathe everyone and load up wet clothes into the laundry =)

Jerome has missed all this fun since he has been in La since last Friday. His flight was cancelled and is waiting to hopefully fly out tomorrow (Wednesday). With more snow and rain coming I am not sure that will happen. At first I was a bit upset he didn't try to fly out Sunday and beat the storm. Yet, times like this I realize how well our house runs. We all pitch in and get done what needs to get done. Raising the girls to be personally accountable pays off. They each take time to help out.

All those times of diligently teaching them, creating boundaries, creating consequences for each action---THAT THIS has been what I do, my job, my career, in spite of running my own business RAISING my 7 GIRLS is my passion---seeing the fruit of my labor is my delight. YES there are lots of seeds still to be sown--I sow them each day with tomorrow in mind. My older girls have started to sow their own seeds---I yearn to see the fruit of their labor as well.

So there are two ways to look at things--- Depending on how I CHOOSE to look at things in life is how THEY (my offspring) will CHOOSE to look at things
1)this snow is just getting in my way to getting out the door---school, work, errands, lunch dates, coffee meetings, etc OR 2)thank you God for days like this we are blessed to have one another---days like this we get to enjoy playing, reading, watching movies, doing nails, just kissing on one another---days like this I am more and more aware of His provision, His care for us,  as my daughter would say "He has our back!"

My oldest is 15 today---blossomed into a beautiful woman--yes a young woman NOT a teenager---around here we raise young ladies not "teens". In the next few weeks we will be planning her Bday party----her "Quinces" (not as extravagant as a typical Quinces) yet one that will allow her to come out and enjoy herself with her friends with family---dancing, laughing, making memories!!!

Stay warm, plant your seeds very very diligently, live LIVE LIVE for Him and Him alone ---for trust me if you find yourself complaining and restless you are living for man and not for God =)

Till next time. . . . . . .
LilyPlus7. .


  1. Love this Sister, you are such a gem! I'm so proud of you! You make me proud to call myself woman!

  2. I love you're "sprouts!" Emily couldn't ask for better friends than you're girls.

  3. Great post, Lily. Raising them to be "personally accountable" is a necessity when there are that many in your house...no one could never keep up with that many on their own! What a great lesson to be teaching such sweet girls. Help out, work together, learn to get along. So few learn those lessons before adulthood, if ever. Way to go, girl! :-)