Monday, January 3, 2011

LOL!!! I couldn't remember how to log on to my blog!!!!

My favorite thing in life is LEARNING!!! I am in awe at how much information the human brain can hold---in my case I take in information till smoke starts to pour out of my ears =) This whole blogging thing for 2011 is exciting yet, it comes with a learning curve----therefore taking way too long to make it enjoyable right now!

First----I forgot what site I chose to start this thing!
Second----I couldn't find the paper with the password on it!
THEN lastly I slammed a few drawers as I searched for the notebook which stores passwords and usernames. Till WALLA here we go I am in!

Happy New Year to all my peeps! 2011 shall indeed bring about change----unwanted change or purposeful change THAT is the question =)

Life is full of excitement for the LilyPlus7. . . .  household. This year our oldest turns 15 (actually in EIGHT days) we are prepping for her party in February!!!
The littlest one turns two next month which ushers in a year FULL of wonderful material to write about here on my new Blog.

Facing the coming year with great expectations and lots of plans.

Today is the girls last day of Christmas Vacation therefore tonight we get back on our routine. Time to go check book bags, pick out clothes for the week, and pencil in activities to the calendar.

OFF I go to figure out how to share the Blog with friends =)

Till next time. . . . .


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